What is Gamut? How do I sign up?


GAMUT is a set of tools for maintaining, using and managing your BIM content.

Deploy your internal content to an AWS cloud based search system with GAMUT|MANAGER.

GAMUT|USER helps you find content from your office BIM library or shared public libraries.

Normalize and repair broken content and inconsistencies in your library with GAMUT|Minion.


Which GAMUT do I need?


All GAMUT tools require a free GAMUT|USER account, which grants you access to free searchable content libraries inside of Revit. GAMUT|USER is for people who will be sticking to just using content, not maintaining or managing it.


GAMUT|MANAGERS are the shepherds of a firm’s content; Typically a few BIM managers fulfill this role. GAMUT|MANAGER gives BIM Managers the ability to index and deploy content all at once, and give GAMUT|USERS access to different libraries.


Whether its minor inconsistencies to clean up, or your library looks like a landfill, hand all of those problems to your GAMUT|MINIONS to fix seemingly insurmountable problems with the click of a mouse.


You said GAMUT is free, is that true?


Yes, GAMUT|USER and GAMUT|MANAGER are both free to download and use, meaning only those that are maintaining content might need paid productivity tools. Purchased annually, our GAMUT|MINION tools are as little as $25 per month.



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I have been working with Steve on programming projects for over a year now, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Aside from simply generating a high quality product, Steve’s background in design, Revit, and the industry makes working with him a collaboration. I don’t feel lost simply trying to explain “it needs to do this” to a programmer who doesn’t know the work I do; as soon as I start talking about what is needed, Steve understands and offers great feedback and ideas and brings excellent insight to what I need to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

Jason Kunkel / Cadd Microsystems
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