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Library Preparation

Looking to get a head start on organizing your office library? GAMUT can do the work for you, organizing and preparing your families, assemblies and materials for you. We can work with you to devise a well thought out strategy for ongoing content maintenance. Ask us about library indexing when you buy 10 or more licenses of GAMUT|Manager.

Content Management

BIM Content management can be a daunting task, especially when you have a disconnected library, a lot of errors, or want to get data in into the files quickly.  SPECtrumBIM can work with you to create a data structure to organize your library of families, materials and assemblies, as well as related documentation, images and utility files.

fILE Hosting

Want to make your files available from anywhere? SPECtrum can assist you in developing a hosted content site, or getting your files from network to cloud.

SPECtrum Advertising

Building Product Manufacturers and BIM service providers can target their audiences by advertising inside of Revit through GAMUT|user.  As users search for content, advertisers can target their audiences through directed keyword or product category search.

Content Development

We cut our teeth on content development, and continue to develop both manufacturer specific and project specific content that suits the needs of the client or the project.  Contact us for a content development solution that fits your specific needs.

Revit Solutions & Custom Plugins

Got a custom office workflow that you’d like to optimize? Looking to automate mundane tasks? This is exactly what we specialize in.

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I have been working with Steve on programming projects for over a year now, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Aside from simply generating a high quality product, Steve’s background in design, Revit, and the industry makes working with him a collaboration. I don’t feel lost simply trying to explain “it needs to do this” to a programmer who doesn’t know the work I do; as soon as I start talking about what is needed, Steve understands and offers great feedback and ideas and brings excellent insight to what I need to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

Jason Kunkel / Cadd Microsystems
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