Productivity tools are price sensitive…

Gamut is meant to be a cost effective solution.  This allows an entire office to benefit from the power of a few copies for less than the cost of one license of some other tools.

Rather than fumbling around for content through office libraries and online pages, find what you need without ever leaving Revit. Gamut is a series of tools that allows you to find, organize, manage, and load content in the fewest clicks using the amount of least monitor space.

Through a strategic partnership with, Gamut has thousands of free families, materials and assemblies available, all of which can be directly inserted into your projects – without ever leaving Autodesk Revit.

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I have been working with Steve on programming projects for over a year now, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Aside from simply generating a high quality product, Steve’s background in design, Revit, and the industry makes working with him a collaboration. I don’t feel lost simply trying to explain “it needs to do this” to a programmer who doesn’t know the work I do; as soon as I start talking about what is needed, Steve understands and offers great feedback and ideas and brings excellent insight to what I need to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

Jason Kunkel / Cadd Microsystems
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