Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gamut?

Gamut is a set of cloud-based content search, management and maintenance tools. In addition to lightning fast searches of both your own content and public libraries, Gamut helps you find and repair errors, normalize your data, and develop and deploy your own office standards.

Is my data private?

Yes – Unless you decide to share your content libraries and playlists with the world, your BIM content data is never shared with anyone.

How much content can I put on the Gamut Cloud?

As much as you want, and we’re working to keep it that way.

Where do my files and data live?

We copy the data from your files to a safe, protected Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, but your files live where you want them to be – Local drive, Network location, even Websites. This keeps your BIM both secure and accessible while making search and deployment dynamic and fast.

Gamut | Manager, Gamut | Minion, Gamut | User – What’s the difference?

  • Gamut|Users make up the lion’s share of the people in your office…  The ones that USE your BIM content.  They’re not managing, maintaining or fixing it, rather searching and loading.
  • Gamut|Minions are your trusted group of “Power Users” that maintain the content in your library.  When things are broken, Gamut|Minions fix them.
  • Gamut|Managers are the overseers of your BIM library. Typically the BIM Managers, each Gamut|Manager has the tools to locate problems and inconsistencies and either delegate the work to their Gamut|Minions, or use their Minion Tools to make the repairs themselves.

How much is Gamut?

Gamut Users and Managers are FREE… Only those that are managing and maintaining content might need paid productivity tools. Purchased annually, our content management tools are as little as $33 per month.

I already have a SPECtrum license – Now what?

For each seat of SPECtrum (Full Install) you have, you’re entitled to a Gamut|Manager license. If you only have a SPEC|Parameters license, you can either continue to renew that license, or we’ll credit it towards a Gamut|Manager or Gamut|Minion upgrade

Which public BIM libraries can I subscribe to?

Beginning with the manufacturers found on, Gamut aims to make available as much generic and manufacturer content as possibleYour searches and feeds will include real-time notifications of who we’ve added.  Looking for something specific? Let us know; we’re listening.

Can I share my content with others?

Yes. If you want to make your content either public or accessible among multiple offices or firms, you can do that and Gamut can help.

How long does it take to inventory my content?

Depending on the size of your library, it could be minutes, hours or even days. The one-time inventory operation creates a baseline from which to build and grow, and identifies errors, inconsistencies and overlaps in your BIM.

 If I decide to leave Gamut, what happens to my data?

We’d be sad to see you go, but we’d understand. Your data isn’t held hostage and can be exported or deleted at your request.

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