BIM Management

Small firm with no staff to manage your BIM content? Large firm looking to outsource your Content? Either way, SPECtrum has you covered. Consider a solution where we do all of the work for you.

Our team will organize, manage and deploy your office content to GAMUT for you. Only accessible to your firm and its branches, GAMUT has layers of permissions that ensure the safety and security of the content in your library, and our team has the expertise to quickly make your Content Landfill into a streamlined collection of Families, Types, Materials, and Assemblies that can be dragged and dropped into your projects.

Content Review

Through a thorough inspection of your existing BIM library, we’ll look at the big picture and figure out what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong.

Removal of redundant and extraneous files

We’ve all got ’em; a whole slew of .ooo1 files and duplicate families.  Both are sand in the gears of a well organized content library. We’ll find them, eliminate them, and package your files in an easy to understand way that works for your office.

Family Repairs

We troubleshoot and fix broken constraints, errors in family types, clean families flooded with materials and a myriad of other issues that content faces.

Data Inclusion and Cleanup

Downloaded web content with a slew of parameters that you could care less about? Need to migrate the data to your office’s Standard Shared Parameters? COBie? We’ve got you covered.

Library Indexing

While indexing your library is simple to do, maybe you just want it done. We’re on it.

Firm-Wide and Branch-Level Library Deployment

SPECtrum can get your entire office set up with Gamut, including installation, user accounts, firmwide settings, permissions and sharing.

Ongoing BIM Management

No BIM Manager? Whether you need a short term solution until a replacement is found or an ongoing adviser to your team, SPECtrum can step in to fill the empty seat.

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I have been working with Steve on programming projects for over a year now, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Aside from simply generating a high quality product, Steve’s background in design, Revit, and the industry makes working with him a collaboration. I don’t feel lost simply trying to explain “it needs to do this” to a programmer who doesn’t know the work I do; as soon as I start talking about what is needed, Steve understands and offers great feedback and ideas and brings excellent insight to what I need to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

Jason Kunkel / Cadd Microsystems
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